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Brosfam Birmingham, Digbeth is creating showstopper dishes and combining flavours & textures using local fresh ingredients.

Our story

Brosfam Birmingham Digbeth aims to produce showstopper dishes with the combination of exquisite flavours & textures while using local fresh ingredients. Burgers and Fries served at BrosFam are always top notch which are made with love and High-quality Marinated Halal Beef Create your own combination with our available sides; Chickens,Darjeeling Momos ,skin on fries & as many fresh topping as you want with any combination you would like. For the people who are looking to try something new and exciting need to taste our Varieties of Fusion ,Creative Burgers & new Dishes. We bring you BROSFAM, a fusion contemporary cuisines served by Chef MARUF & JAVED. Brosfam's fusion of contemporary and Pan-Asian cuisines promises to deliver an unforgettable feast for the senses. Brosfam accepts both debit and credit cards, making it easy for guests to settle their bills. Whether you prefer to savor their delectable dishes at home or immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of the restaurant, Brosfam strives to provide a delightful experience tailored to your preferences.

MeEt our chefs

Chef Javed

The attention grabbing popular chef

Chef Javed is set to bring your most beloved dishes onto your table. One of the outstanding facts about Chef Javed is that he has 19 years of experience working privately and on charters in restaurants. The imaginative thinking of Chef Javed is second to none. The traditional foods of the world, Which Chef Javed adapts in his own style, serve as his sources of Inspiration His sense of taste is unparalleled. His combination of flavours and textures provide each taste gland a unique regional and exquisite experience. He is the master of the game when it comes to Western, European, and Pan-Asian cuisine. His vast experience of almost 19 years consists of catering for large Hotel Conferences and Events in prestigious locations like London's The Langham Hotel - London, Harrods - Knightsbridge, Four-Season Hotel - Canary Wharf, Hilton - Dockland, The Belfry Hotel & Resort Sutton Coldfield, and Etci Mehmet Birmingham. To top it all off, he's the Executive chef and Food & Beverage Director for BROS FAM which is based in Birmingham.

Chef maruf

rarely needs an intoduction

The chef who rarely needs an introduction, Chef Maruf: has an expansive experience of 15 years. In these 15 years, he has done many amazing things, a few of which include mentoring and managing culinary teams of up to 50 people at a time. Moreover, Maruf has worked at numerous renowned establishments such as La-lupa, Rancho Steakhouse, Frankie&Benny’s, Miller & Carter, Gaucho, and ETCI Mehmet Steakhouse. He's not going to stop here. He has now decided that it’s time to utilize his acquired skills and experience and let his passion for cooking be the driving force to building his own Restaurant Empire, starting with BrosFam.

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